Principle Purpose of Nuad Borarn

According to AyurVeda, at any moment, the spirit-soul is represented by 5 bodies, each body encapsulated...

Principle Purpose of Nuad Borarn

According to AyurVeda, at any moment, the spirit-soul is represented by 5 bodies, each body encapsulated within the previous more original and radiant body.  These bodies are referred to as Koshas in AyurVedic Medicine.  (We can Google the word Kosha for further description.)

Mostly however, the delights and dramas of the physical and mental koshas have trapped our awareness, relentlessly prohibiting the experience and nurturing of the other spiritual dimensions. We want and need the influx of the other koshas in order to have self-revelation.

The physical kosha is represented by the mysteriously-alluring intervention of our 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell). The mind, being the master juggler of these 5 energies, provides orientation and relativity for the soul.
Each of the koshas are connected to the preceding kosha by an interfacing pranic occurrence such as a wheel (chakra) or a sphere (marma). Sacred channels (nadis), described as careening rivers of rainbow light, are also constituents of this anatomy and also function on all 5 koshas.
One of the primary objectives of Nuad Borarn, Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage, is to detect obstructions and interferences within the interfacing channels and vortices so as to ultimately liberate the region and allow consciousness to flow and radiate freely.
When emancipated consciousness flows and radiates, attuning itself to primordial spirit, then we are experiencing the information and life of the other koshas. We are experiencing our self truly and purely, a most desirable satisfaction which subsequently inspires us to welcome personal evolution, growth and healing.
So . . .What are these chakras, bio-vortices, marmas and nadis congested with?  In Sanskrit the term is Anarthaswhich means ‘unwanted undesirables’.
Thai-Yoga Body Art addresses these reservoirs of dormant vitality and releases them of doubts, fears, angers, sorrows, resignations, ignorance and pain (artificial control) and any one of the other 2700 negative and unresourceful emotions and feelings circulating within our bio-sphere.
Thai Massage truly opens and sanctifies these congested and retarded longings thus releasing perhaps decades of thwarted intentions and unfulfilled expectations so that we can continue returning towards our spiritual home, the paradise of transcendent pleasure, perpetual peace and perfection. Hence the emotional weeping and joy that frequents our art’s session.
Thank you for your considerations.
Come receive a treatment of Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage!
Love, Mukti

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