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Now You Can Learn How To Take Your Clients To The Next Level Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally With Our Home Study Training Program…

The Most Comprehensive Educational Resource Available in the World for Vedic Massage

Follow along with Mukti in a step-by-step sequence so you can offer this art to your clients. Over the years, Mukti’s students request more! Learn how to offer Vedic Thai massage by watching these DVDs and practicing with friends and family. Add these techniques to your already established healing profession.

Learn about the subtle-body, and actually experience how to feel and move prana or lifeforce to transmit deeply-transformative subtle-body techniques. Don’t stop at the modern body. Study with us and learn about the subtle “energy” body, Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, Vayus, Pranayama (breathing exercises or techniques to free the lifeforce), meditation, chanting and its effect on the body and mind, mudras, ayurveda basics, and so much more. But, you won’t just learn about it, you’ll experience its effect on your own body, mind and spirit. Armed with a strong working knowledge of both the modern and Ayurvedic body, you’ll be able to impact your students’ bodies, minds, spirits and lives on a whole different level.


You will be well-equipped to find a job or start a career in the healing arts or add to your current massage or yoga practice. Mukti has heard back from students who have doubled or tripled their incomes by adding Vedic Thai Massage to their offerings. If you are a massage therapist or a yoga teacher, learning and teaching Vedic Thai Massage will bring an added income to your professional services.


You may be wondering, “Am I ready? Is my practice good enough to do this? Am I strong enough?” We know that some teachers require you to have a certain background before you can apply. The Vedic Conservatory has no such restrictions. Mukti has taught people from every background for years and brought them up to levels of competence and mastery not normally found among Vedic Thai Yoga practitioners.


Your investment in our DVD sets is very-affordable and fits your needs. We realize that most people need to work full-time or care for family while pursuing their study of Vedic Thai Massage. To honor this, we have priced our DVD sets extremely competitively. So don’t hesitate. Order your DVD set today and get started right away in this exciting and nurturing career in Vedic Thai Yoga.


“I desire passion, compassion, commitment to learning, living consciously and the desire to share the practice much more than physical abilities. Many people come to my trainings with widely varying backgrounds but are united by a desire to share with others.”       - Mukti

Benefit from the experience and reputation of someone who has taught Vedic Thai Massage for over 20 years. During that time Mukti has initiated certification to over twenty thousand students in thirteen countries and is recognized as a leader in the Bodywork, Massage and Yoga communities. Why is this important to you? Because, you benefit not only from the experience of his celebrated reputation, but from his voracious quest to constantly improve, add-to and refine the Vedic Conservatory program every time he presents it. From cutting-edge presentations to ancient healing asanas, you get to experience the best in professional Vedic Thai Massage education in your own environment.


In these DVD sets you will learn how to offer and deliver the ancient Vedic Thai Massage of Nuad Borarn. You will learn to align and sequence every element of the massage, understand anatomy & biomechanics in a way that makes it truly come alive!. Because of the dynamic, physical nature of Vedic Thai Massage, Mukti focuses a great deal on modern anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. He does it in a way that makes it a lot of fun, highly-experiential and eye opening.

Studying with a recognized Master Teacher. Why does that matter? While licensing requirements for Vedic Thai massage differ from region to region, these DVDs exceed the standards for anyone entering the practice. So, if it’s important to you to become an expert and not just competent, just be sure that you study with someone who is a world-renowned teacher. Mukti, the Founder/Director of Vedic Conservatory is just such a Master.

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