Vedic Conservatory Instructors

Vedic Conservatory Instructors

Vedic Conservatory founder and director “Mukti” Michael Buck certifies Vedic Conservatory instructors to help in the mission of spreading the beautiful folk-art teachings of Thai-Yoga and the ancient Vedic culture worldwide. Each of our teachers is an expert practitioner and communicator of Nuad Borarn, and shines with the authentic radiance attained by those practicing the yogic arts.

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Shri Dhanvantari
Shri DhanvantariLord of Healing
One who bears in his attractive four hands conch, circular weapon, a set of leeches and a pot with ambrosia, whose fine, shining and pure upper garment makes him appear especially wonderful, whose eyes are like lotus flower, whose bright bodily luster is of the colour of a fresh rain cloud, whose beautiful waist is adored by a magnificent yellow dress and who burns away all diseases just like a forest fire, to such Lord Dhanvantari, I bow respectfully.

Mukti Michael Buck
Mukti Michael BuckVC Director and Senior Teacher

Mukti is the founder, director and senior teacher of the Vedic Conservatory. He is celebrated as an accomplished instructor’s instructor in the art of Thai-Yoga Bodywork. His 2007 induction into The World Massage Hall of Fame praised him for his career of unconditional loving service to humanity, bhakti yoga, as demonstrated through more than 14 years of continuous traveling and teaching. Mukti has shared his gifts at the best yoga centers, massage schools and health resorts nationally and abroad, teaching over 1000 hours each year in a different city each weekend. Mukti has issued initiating certificates to nearly ten thousand pupils in 7 countries. He has also documented over 13,000 private sessions.

Sudevi Linda Kramer
Sudevi Linda KramerVC Teacher and Yoga Director

Sudevi is a highly sought-after Vedic Conservatory certified teacher of Nuad Borarn/Thai-Yoga Bodywork studying in Thailand and training closely with Mukti Michael Buck. She is duly certified in Integral and Jivamukti Yoga and was graced by Sri Swami Satchidananda and yoga masters Sharon Gannon and David Life. Sudevi was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame for her contributions to Massage at Berea College in June, 2010. She also holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri as well as many certifications in various forms of energy medicine and healing technologies.

Yoga Christy Thorndill
Yoga Christy ThorndillVC Instructor &
Publications Director
Christy has studied with Mukti since 1999, practicing Thai-Yoga for 11 years as a companion to her Yoga Teaching and Personal Training practice.  Christy has a joyful spirit and a true passion for sharing Thai-Yoga techniques with the world, and is excitedly planning many travels to teach both Thai-Yoga and Therapeutic Hatha Yoga in the coming years.

In 2008, Christy was certified as the second Vedic Conservatory Teacher, and later in the year became Mukti’s publications and marketing assistant.  In addition to her yogic  and bodyworking credentials, Christy holds a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art from Goucher College, and a Masters Degree in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore.

Bhakti Das Blakely Parent
Bhakti Das Blakely ParentVC Instructor
Blakely has practiced the art of massage and bodywork since 1999 and has completed well over 10,000 bodywork sessions.  Blakely brings his devotion to healing and bodywork by specializing in Thai-Yoga Bodywork and Structural Integration.

In 2002, he began studying with Tom Myers and graduated from the KMI school of Structural Integration the following year.  He began his studies with Mukti and the Vedic Conservatory in 2005, and immediately felt that he had come home to his calling.  Inspired by this path , he became a certified teacher for the Vedic Conservatory in 2008.  Blakely is also a yoga instructor certified by the Lakulish Institute of Yoga.

Aaronananda Aaron Erickson
Aaronananda Aaron EricksonVC Instructor
Aaron “Ananda Das” is truly what his name implies- a blissful servant of God. He has been a devotee of the healing arts from an early age and carries light wherever he goes. Since his childhood, Aaron knew he wanted to be a healer. Ananda began his massage practice even before graduating from high school, when he started taking night classes at the Boca Massage Institute. Aaron went on to study at the FL College of Natural health, completing a degree in Health Science, and specialized in neuromuscular therapy. He also became a certified personal trainer through NSCA.13 years later Aaron has logged over 7,000 treatments, worked alongside doctors, chiropractors, and other healers, taught in massage schools, world class spas, and other wellness centers & yoga studios.

Tripura Sundari Beckie Sathre
Tripura Sundari Beckie SathreVC Instructor

Beckie Sathre (Tripura Sundari) has been a massage therapist since 1998 and a yoga teacher since 1999.Her love of the two came together when she learned Thai Yoga Bodywork in 2003. The following year she joined the community of the Vedic Conservatory and started studying with Michael Buck.

She has two beautiful little girls and loves to share Thai Massage and Yoga with children as well. Beckie and her partner and fellow teachers enjoy sharing the beautiful folk art at outdoor festivals.

Beckie currently teaches yoga classes and gives Thai Massage at the Abhaya Yoga Center in Pensacola, Florida.

Barry Cooper
Barry CooperVC Instructor
“Barry and I have been in the trenches of massage therapy together for a long time. It isn’t going to get any better than his sessions because Barry is bhakti incarnate.  I am humbled as I observe that he is here to make things better for everyone using his natural Grace, spiritual insights and really wonderful finesse in Nuad Borarn and AjurVeda Herbology. Jai Barry!”  -Mukti

Jessica Stiehm (Gayatri Devi Dasi)
Jessica Stiehm (Gayatri Devi Dasi)VC Instructor

Jessica is a full-time dedicated devotee of the healing arts and lover of life. Being a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, she naturally resonated with the power and grace of Vedic thai-yoga massage, which combines all of her favorite healing modalities. She quickly dove into the art and is continuously studying, learning, and sharing it with her students, regular clients, family, friends, community, and at various festivals around South Florida and beyond. Jessica is director of her company called JAI Healing Arts, which is a partnership between herself and her beloved Aaron Erickson, another Vedic Conservatory teacher.

Parvati Mary Elizabeth Sheehan
Parvati Mary Elizabeth Sheehan VC Instructor
Parvati Mary Elizabeth Sheehan began practicing yoga in 1997. After being exposed to yoga at a young age by her grandmother, the return to sun salutations felt natural. She studied and taught Astanga yoga, then studied with Sivakami Sonia Sumar to learn the Yoga for the Special Child® method.
When Parvati took her first weekend workshop with Mukti Michael Buck, she had no idea what to expect. After the first hour of class, she knew she had found her life’s work. Vedic Thai bodywork was a natural extension of the work she had already been doing. Now with almost 600 hours of training and over 1000 hours of documented hands-on work, Parvati is honored and grateful to serve as an instructor with Vedic Conservatory.

Aura Vaught
Aura Vaught VC Instructor
Aura Vaught is a full-time bodyworker and yoga instructor based in Louisville KY.   Her background in theater and dance created her interest in the human body and anatomy, which brought her to yoga and massage therapy.  After receiving her first Thai bodywork session, she knew that she must share this work with others.
Aura has over 1000 hours of hands-on massage training including 300+ hours of Vedic Thai Bodywork under direction of Mukti Michael Buck and Sudevi Linda Kramer. She also studied Thai Massage at the Sunshine Massage School in Chaing Mai, Thailand. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition and teaches at the Louisville School of Massage. Aura has her private practice at Shine Wellness Studio, where she also teaches yoga.