The Vedic Conservatory, a revered teaching association founded by “Mukti” Michael Buck, is dedicated to promoting the noble and divine arts of:

Each Vedic Conservatory instructor is a devoted healer and servant of this dharma.

The Vedic Conservatory’s mission is to purely present Nuad Borarn’s therapeutic value with love, and to initiate certification to 250,000 Vedic Thai Massage students in the next 12 years. The spreading of this sanctified folk art will actualize the radiant transformations and blessings intended by Lord and Lordess for all. It is professionally integrated into the best yoga centers, health resorts, massage schools, medical institutions and psychiatric associations worldwide.

The Vedic Conservatory travels worldwide to provide 2-7 day Thai- Assisted Yoga Bodywork Courses in Traditional Floor and Table Techniques accredited through NCBTMB for Continuing Education, and produces award-winning Thai Yoga Massage Training instructional DVDs, detailed instructional manuals and study aids. The Vedic Conservatory also offers Intensive Thai-Yoga Bodywork Retreats as well as leading student study tours to Thailand for authentication of ancient Siamese culture.

Hi Michael,

My instructor, now also a friend, advisor, colleague and client, suggested that he thought I would be a good fit for Thai Massage. I discovered your DVD’s. They blew me away. They’re so beautifully orchestrated, dynamic, and informative. I hungered for more; I decided that after I finish school for my National License, my next pursuit is obtaining Certification in Thai Massage. Thank you for igniting the embers within that now blaze a new path for me to explore. I look forward to meeting you in San Antonio.
Christel Kruse 11/21/2005

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Dear Mukti,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know the use of the Thai techniques has enabled me to help others and bring at least a degree of healing to a number of people not the least of which is my father. Shina, Shataji, Erika and I have met each Tuesday since the last workshop here in Mount Dora to practice. We are doing Thai Body Work often at Yoga Central.
For the past 5 years I have struggled to make teaching Yoga my job. It has worked considerable hardship on my family and not to mention putting my son’s college education at risk. With the added dimension of Thai Yoga Body Work to my repertoire, that goal now appears to be within reach.
Many blessings to you for sharing your gifts and knowledge with us.
Yogajohn Colvin 11/4/2006







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